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At Citroën, we aim to offer expert service without the price tag.

If your Citroën is more than 3 years old, you can choose a Fixed Price Service. We’ll carry out a set list of operations on your vehicle for a set price.

Plus, you’ll still get all the benefits of an official Citroën dealer, including highly-trained technicians, and an official dealer stamp in your service book.

So what's included in my service might you ask? The below table, shows you exactly what work our trained technicians will be carrying out and checking.

​Level 3
Level 2​
​Level 1
​Exhaust SystemYESYES​​YES
​Steering Rack​YES​YES​YES
​Engine and Check for Leaks​YES​YES​YES
​Front and Rear Suspension​YES​YES​YES
​Condition of Drive Shafts and Gaitors​YES​YES​YES
​Condition of Front and Rear Brake Pads and Discs​YES​YES​YES
​Condition Rear Shoes and Drums​YES​NO​NO
​Gear Box and Check for Leaks​YESYES​YES​
​Windscreen and All Mirrors​YESYES​YES​
​Wiper Condition Front and Rear​YESYES​YES​
​Brake System, Pipes and Hoses​YESYES​YES​
​Air Condition System​YESYES​YES​
​Cooling System and Check for Leaks​YESYES​YES​
​Wheel Bolts and TorqueYES​YES​YES​
​Tyre ConditionYES​YES​YES​
​Bodywork for CorrosionYES​YES​YES​
​Front and Rear Wiper OperationYES​YES​YES​
​Front and Rear Washer OperationYES​YES​YES​
​Horn is WorkingYES​YES​YES​
​Air Conditioning OperationYES​YES​YES​
​Indicator LightsYES​YES​YES​
​Side, Dip and Main BeamsYES​YES​YES​
​Front and Rear Fog LampsYES​YES​YES​
​Brake LightsYES​YES​YES​
​Reverse LightsYES​YES​YES​
​Instrument Panel and Warning LightsYES​YES​YES​
​Battery Condition and Tighten TerminalsYES​YES​YES​
​Drain and Refill Engine OilYES​YESYES​
​Renew Oil Filter and Sump WasherYES​YES​YES​
​Renew Spark Plugs (Exc Long Life)YES​YES​NO​
​Pollen FilterYES​NO​NO​
​Air FilterYES​YES​NO​
​Petrol Fuel FilterYES​NO​NO​
​Replace Diesel FilterYES​NO​NO​
​Top Up FluidsYES​YES​YES​
​Check Front and Rear Differential Condition and for LeaksYES​YES​YES​
​Check all Final Drive​YESYES​YES​

Terms and Conditions

Service Pricing available on vehicles 3 year or older. Prices subject to change.